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What is RII?

Creating your Retirement Income Strategy

Retirement Income Illustrator (RII) is a sophisticated retirement income analysis tool that can help you and your financial advisor work together to create a retirement income strategy that is customized and easy to understand. It is designed to help you get past the uncertainty of retirement’s unknowns so you can enjoy the next stage of your life and be better prepared to retire with the lifestyle you envision.

  • RII considers all of your expenses, distinguishing between your needs and wants
  • Illustrates your sources of income
  • Identifies any areas that may not be covered by your projected income.
  • Helps you understand and manage risks to your retirement income

Get prepared for your future with RII

Retirement Income Illustrator can help keep your retirement income goals on track and help you gain the knowledge you need to be more confident about your financial future.

Let’s get started

To create your personalized retirement income strategy, key information must be gathered to determine how your retirement income goals can be met.

  • Contact Us to discuss how RII can help you get the knowledge you need to be more confident about your financial future.
  • Begin by filling out the RII workbook to help your advisor complete your retirement income analysis.